Matt Belshaw

Matt Belshaw has been a professional photograper for 10 years and has worked for some fantastic and successful clients.

Whilst he specialises in working with people to capture great lifestyle and fashion images, his former career as a weapon engineer travelling the world and problem solving, have made him an exceptional product – still life photographer too.

Having left school after completing his GCSE’s will a full score card of passes, Matt went on to college to study Computer programming but left college after his first year due to finding the course content too easy and having real life commitments which needed tending to. Matt joined the armed forces in 2000 as an engineer and during his travels, his love of photography started to blossom. After being a hobbyist for several years, Matt finally started to earn money from his photography part time, whilst working in the less friendly parts of the world.


His love of working with people and generally fun and outgoing personality led him to securing several contracts for smaller fashion brands and after dabbling in glamour photography for a while he went on to travel the world again, this time as a photography manager on Cruise ships. After taking several of Carnival UK’s most famous advertising photographs which are still in use today, Matt decided it was time to come back to the UK and put his photography to good use on home turf.

Now running a studio in Norwich and teaching workshops and one-to-one tuition in his spare time, Matt’s passion for photography and advertising continues.

Outside of work Matt is happily single and enjoys scouting for locations, meeting potential models, offering guidance to colleagues and assisting his close personal friend Landscape Gardening.